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Webshop for line drawings of famous Dutch monuments

Monuu is a webshop with handmade line drawings of famous Dutch monuments. This webshop is owned and run by me. I create the line drawings myself and let a plotter draw them out. I made this webshop with WordPress and WooCommerce.

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Branding, design and development for mobile app

Mailsociety is a mail app that wants to make it easier for people to read their mail. Together with my business partner Niels, I created this app. I did everything on the design part from the logo to the design of the app, but also helped with the development of the app.

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An illustration of an egg as a piece of beef


Illustrations to promote vegetarian meals

Voedingscentrum provides scientifically sound information about healthy, sustainable and safe food to the Dutch people. They wanted to advocate vegetarian eating once or twice a week with the #erismeerdanvlees campaign. To support this, they wanted shirts that influencers had to wear in their social media posts. I created various illustrations about vegetarian foods for them.

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Laura van Dolron

A website for a Dutch stage director

Laura van Dolron is a Dutch stage director. We got in touch when the new design of the website needed to be developed. This website needed to portray the freedom and expressiveness of Laura van Dolron through animations and special elements.

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Website design and development for internet provider in healthcare

E-Zorg is exclusively dedicated to serving healthcare providers and institutions, with a focus on meeting the communication needs of this professional group. Their services are used by almost all pharmacists and more than 85% of general practitioners in the Netherlands, totaling around 5,000 healthcare locations and numerous healthcare professionals. As a result, they are the largest independent healthcare network in the Netherlands.

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Kite Surf School Noordwijk

Website for a kite surf school

This website needed to inform and get visitors to sign up for the school. Visitors of the website had to easily find the information they were looking for and needed to get visitors to sign up for the school. This has been achieved with beautiful imagery and clear call to actions to the relevant pages.

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Home page of Remko Heemskerk

Remko Heemskerk

Website for a famous illustrator

The website I made for famous illustrator and friend Remko Heemskerk. He needed a place on the internet to display his work for potential clients to see. I helped him set up his website and made sure he was able to operate it on his own.

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Design and development of a website for an architect

To get better exposure Monique van Doorne asked me to design a better experience for her website that would let visitors have a better understanding of her work. I designed the website in Sketch and then developed it in Wordpress. Monique van Doorne is a (interior) architect based in Den Haag, The Netherlands.

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